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E-commerce HC (highly customized)

An HC e-commerce is an online sales site customized in every detail and tailored to the commercial or logistical and administrative needs of the company that commissioned it.

 We develop completely customized e-commerce platforms to manage all types of logistics, management, technical and commercial requirements.

Our e-commerce projects are structured to allow all sorts of changes and adapt in a functional manner to the transformations of our customers' companies.

  Before starting to write the code, we analyze the characteristics of the business project to identify the best technical solution. We support our customers in their adventure in the world of e-retail and we put our skills at the service of those who have chosen TeAM Solutions for the development of their online sales site.
 Our e-commerce is reliable, scalable and flexible. They are born only after having thoroughly studied the project and can be transformed over time together with the client's business.


Our personalized e-commerce

Thanks to the consolidated experience in the field of custom solutions, TeAM Solutions designs and manufactures e-commerce sites, some examples of services dedicated to you:

  • Customized features designed according to the real needs of the seller. The possibilities are open and substantially infinite. They range from the management of price lists to the integration with the centralized databases of other suppliers for the automatic compilation of the catalog, from the automatic appearance of suggested products to the forwarding of the availability request of the sold-out products. Once your needs are analyzed, our team can identify for you the most functional and simple to use technological solution.
  • Custom graphics: the graphics of the site can be customized in every single element to make your e-commerce a unique project. Icons, product data sheets, registration forms for the site and newsletter, shopping cart, payment screen: each visual element can be designed to improve the funnel that leads to the final purchase.
  • Backend: the e-commerce administration panel can be enriched with the features that the e-commerce manager needs for the optimal administration of company resources. Here too there are many examples: personalized sales control alerts, integration with newsletter sending systems, creation of coupons and discount vouchers to be applied to the basic price catalog, etc.
  • Integrations: our e-commerce solution can be integrated with the most popular shipping carriers tracking systems, with price comparison sites (Google Shopping, Trovaprezzi etc.) and with any other centralized database for information extrapolation and automation of e-commerce management operations.
  • Customized reporting: reporting can also be designed to offer customers the data they need, such as turnover in a given period, the conversion rate of specific landing pages, the metrics for the use of discount vouchers and vouchers for the purchase, the number of users who have not completed the purchase and so on.
  • System assistance: TeAM Solutions has a systems division that offers support and advice for small and large projects. For e-commerce with consistent catalogs and high traffic volumes, the systems department can provide a highly reliable dedicated server and an automatic backup service. In this way, your sites are protected from cyber attacks, malfunctions and loss of important data.

All our e-commerce can be administered independently by the Customer. From the control panel, you can manage the catalog at will by adding or removing products, creating in-depth pages and blogs, changing company and contact data at any time.

 We have created dozens of personalized e-commerce , collaborating with our customers to find original and effective solutions that meet their needs. Want to find out more? Contact us and we will answer all your questions! 

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